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Initially part of the Post-Graduate Medical Education Department at the University of Leeds, we became independent in 1998.

From the start, Post-Graduate Professional Education was keen to promote cutting edge approaches of NLP, searching for ways that would make NLP even more effective.

We therefore set as our aim to map out new territories and to model approaches that did not exist in NLP in order to bring their excellence into the NLP model.

We are determined to continue pushing the envelope and expanding further its boundaries by linking it to, among others, developmental psychology and structural thinking.

Previous participants to our NLP practitioner training have informed us that their level of awareness and understanding is way higher than that of other people, even those who had completed Master Practitioner elsewhere.

We are proud to have involved L. Michael Hall from the beginning of this initiative and have had the pleasure of witnessing the emergence of the new discipline of Neuro-Semantics from day 1 or even before.

PGPE offers certificated training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Neuro-Semantics, Accelerated Learning, Emotional Intelligence and cutting edge Advanced Communication Skills.

We also offer consultancy, mainly to health and business organisations.

Customers include Medical and Dental Practitioners, Nurses, Health Managers, Social Workers, Educators, Personnnel and Human Resources staff, and anybody interested in personal growth and professional evolution.

Our trainers include:


Courses vary from a day to 26 days, depending on their remit.

Courses Run:

NLP Cornerstones (2-day Introductory training): 2 formats, business and general

Certificated NLP Coaching Practitioner Training (16 days): 3 formats

8 weekends modular training,

2 x 4 weekends (Part I: Communication Skills + Prat II: Change Skills)

Intensive training: 14 days + 1 w/e (usually held over the Summer)

Certificated NLP Master Practitioner Training (26 days)

Optimisation Patterns (8 3-day independent courses)

  • Advanced Propulsions skills

  • Accessing Personal Genius (Meta-States Level I training)

  • Advanced Language Patterns

  • Advanced Voice & Tonality Skills

  • Advanced Trance Processes

  • Advanced Kinaesthetic, Proprioceptive & Energy Skills

  • Advanced Perceptual Positions Processes

  • Advanced Identity & Integration Skills

  • Neuro-Semantics Training Courses:

  • Accessing Personal Genius (Meta-States Level I training) (3/4 days)

  • Mind-Lines: Language Patterns for Verbal Dexterity (3 days)

  • Living Genius: (Meta-States Level II) (4 days), with L. Michael Hall

  • Frame Games Slim & Fit People Play (2 days)

    Certificated Coaching Training (Neuro-Semantic Coaching Level I): (5 days)

    Certificated Meta-Coaching (Neuro-semantic Coaching Level II): (7 days) with L. Michael Hall & Michelle Duval

    Social Panorama Training (2 days), with Lucas Derks.

    We are affiliated to the International Society of Neuro-Semantics.



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