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Living Personal Genius Training "Meta-states level II"

Course Synopsis

Day 1: Mastery Even When Life Hurts - Introduction to the Matrix Model

1. Proactivity: How to responsibly take initiative.

2. Optimism: How to put the best possible construction on people, events, happenings, and actions.

3. Resilience: Power to bounce back from set-backs.

Day 2: Mastery Even in the Face of Irritating and Obstructing People

1. Un-Insultability: How to develop a robust ego.

2. Magnanimity: How to develop a big heart & soul.

3. Forgiveness: How to develop a sweet releasing spirit.

4. Solution Focus: How to spontaneously sort for solutions.

5. Humour: How to effortlessly cure the disease of seriousness.

6. Feedback: The art of giving & receiving quality feedback.

Day 3: Mastery in Wealth Creation, even in Times of Business Set-Backs

1. Opportunities: The art of seeing & seizing them.

2. Inside out Wealth: How to be wealthy from the inside out.

3. Living with Passion: How to make everyday life an adventure.

4. Boldness : How to get a “go for it!” spirit.

5. Efficiency : How to go from knowing to doing.

6. Abundance : How to create abundance for yourself and others.

Day 4: Mastery with a Super-Charged Attitude Find Your Life Passion and Beef Up your Attitude!

1. Opening Up: How to embed and activate a focused system of belief frames.

2. Trust: How to open our ego boundaries to the world.

3. Appreciation: How to see worth and significance wherever we go.

4. Super-Charging Your Attitude

5. Openness to Emotion: EQ: How to be emotionally alive.

6. Love: How to extend oneself and reconnect with others.

Prerequisite Gateway Training To Living Genius:


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