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Accessing Personal Genius training

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Accessing Personal Genius

Meta-states® " Your emotional intelligence

Meta-states® " Your personal genius

Accessing Personal Genius "Meta-states Level 1" - Release Your Personal genius


Denis Bridoux

Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Neuro-Semantics ®

Co-author of 7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence


No Prior NLP Experience Required

The Meta-States Model forms the foundation for the emerging discipline of Neuro-Semantics®. It represents a different, systemic, non-linear way of thinking, which best tracks the natural reflexivity of your mind and that of other people. This training has markedly evolved over the years, as most people best learn the Meta-States Model by applying it to an issue pertinent to their needs. After all, what could be better for you than to apply the model to yourself?

Learn, amongst other things, how to more effectively apply higher levels of mind to solve problems, to develop focus, intentionality, creativity, relationships, meaning, pleasure, etc.

So, scale "the levels of your mind" to access your higher executive powers, and lead your mind into the higher reaches of human awareness.

By understanding the Meta-States model and applying it to the subject of "Personal Genius" you will be able to set the higher frames of mind required to truly be at your best, and become not only more emotionally intelligent, but also more intelligently emotional! Yes, that's what this training is about.

So, join us to experience the inspiring practicality of Meta-States! Discover how to best apply your self-reflexive consciousness to think non-linearly about your own mind, and thus enjoy dynamically applying Meta-States to Access your own Personal Mastery.

This 3-Day Training entitles you to Meta-States ® Certification.

It provides the foundation for Neuro-Semantic ® Practitioner Certification and the gateway for more Advanced NS Trainings

Ibis Euston, London

October 24-26, 2003

Early Bird Investment: £345 / €575 if paid in full by October 1, 2003

£395/ €658 after that date

Harrogate Hospital

November 8-10, 2003

Early Bird Investment: £295 / €492 if paid in full by October 21, 2003

£345 / €575 after that date

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